The Executive

The Battalion Executive is elected each year at Battalion Council by registered Brigade Officers. The Executive is responsible for the important decisions that are taken in order for the Battalion to meets it’s aims.

The members of The Battalion Executive are listed below.

  • President – David Love (8th Paisley) 
  • Vice President – Jan Phillips (15th Paisley)
  • Secretary – Andrew Dinnett (22nd Paisley)
  • Treasurer & Finance Convener – Alastair Crae (22nd Paisley)
  • Chaplain – Rev. Gordon Armstrong (Oakshaw Trinity Church)
  • Anchors Convener – Ina Young (15th Paisley) 
  • Juniors Convener – Chris Mollins (1st/3rd Renfrew)
  • Company Section Convener – Andrew Scott (1st/3rd Renfrew)
  • Public Relations and Events Convener – vacant
  • Training & Development Convener – Stewart Digney (3rd Johnstone)
  • Headquarters Manager – Lawrence Napier (RO) 
  • Additional Battalion Representatives – David Ashton (15th Paisley)
  • Additional Under-26 Members –  Fraser Digney (3rd Johnstone)
  • Battalion Administrator – June Murdoch

Battalion Constitution

A copy of the battalion constitution will be avalible for download here shortly.